The uniqueness of the cork coating is based on the natural properties of the cork. Cork flooring is perfectly insulated, does not become cloudy, does not break down, is steady, does not break, is not toxic, and, ultimately, but not least concerns high-ecological materials. Nature has provided a stopper with exceptional capabilities - reliable qualities not only for comfortable living, but also for use in industrial and commercial areas. The pure natural look of a stopper is available to us today in various combined shades.
Cork is a plant tissue made of dead cells. Nature has given this raw material and its unique properties that we cannot find in any other material. The cork is derived from cork oak (Guercus Suber), which is traditionally cultivated mainly in Portugal (50% of world production), southern Spain, northern Africa, the islands of Corsica and Sardinia. The tree has a long service life - it lives up to 200 years. Cork material is made in a very gentle way every 9 years. This is the time corresponding to the interval of renewal of the cork after its removal. This unique property of wood becomes a good opportunity to use cork raw materials for organic products in the future.
Cork forests are a traditional agricultural issue and an important economic sector in these countries. Their use by humans is often perceived around the world as a positive way to acquire natural resources in an environmentally friendly and attractive way. This raw material has great prospects, and its widespread use in the future is only a matter of time.
Dead stem cells of plant tissue have a special shape and structure. Their shape and location of individual cells can be compared with honeycombs, consisting of 5 intracellular layers: 2 layers of cellulose, which fill the air, 2 solid layers, which are waterproof due to wax components, and 1 layer of lignite, which gives overall strength and maintains structure cells.
The cork is treated by a strictly controlled process: the granulate of the cork is prepared in water vapor until the granules bound to the resin are combined without the help of other binders. This resin is displaced from the cells at high temperature and pressure. The process takes place in so-called autoclaves, which are high-pressure vessels. The homogeneous high-quality product which thanks to 100% natural structure and excellent properties is used in many areas and in the most different products is created:
- cork floating floors;
- cork tile;
- thermal, anti-vibration and acoustic insulation;
- bulletin boards, etc.
If you are interested in the benefits and qualities of cork, you can buy samples in the form of timeless cork floors and other cork accessories. Floors fit into all types of interiors: commercial offices, apartments, but they are also often used in kindergartens and children's institutions, because children need the best and highest quality materials and a natural look.