Each owner sooner or later thinks about laying a new floor covering. Fortunately, modern flooring materials are quite varied. They differ in their price, composition, properties and design, so everyone can find a product that suits him.
Before choosing, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the types of products that are best suited for home flooring.

What kind of flooring material is suitable for the home?

There are many floor coverings that differ in their purpose. Therefore, certain products are suitable for renovating a home floor, including:

Batten. It is made of coniferous wood and after installation is covered with varnish or paint, which creates a protective layer and prevents the product from wiping. Floorboards are difficult to install, so it is recommended to use professional services for this. The main advantages of this floor are ease of maintenance, durability and environmental friendliness.
Laminate. Made from special paper, resins and varnish. Easy to install, has a high level of wear resistance. Laminate flooring can be matched to almost any interior, as it has many designs.
Parquet board. Environmentally friendly and durable type of flooring. It is made of high quality wood and is a small plank, for which you do not need to use professional services.
Linoleum. It is made of special adhesives in the form of roll sheets or PVC tiles, due to which it has a low level of environmental friendliness. Among the advantages, it is worth highlighting the presence of a variety of designs, ease of cleaning and installation, as well as moisture resistance.
Carpet. An improved version of the carpet, which is made from both natural and artificial materials. They have the property of repelling dirt, but resistant to moisture, due to which they are short-lived.
There are also various tiles, among which are ceramic, tile and porcelain stoneware products. They are made of concrete screed, have a high level of durability, environmental friendliness and are capable of repelling moisture, therefore they are often installed in the bathroom and kitchen area.

For the rest of the premises, it is best to select products with high wear resistance and ease of cleaning, because a lot of dust and dirt settles on the floor. In this regard, it is recommended to choose products made from natural materials.

Where to buy flooring?

You can buy a floor covering on our website. We sell various types of these products, including both natural and artificial. To learn more about their characteristics and get answers to your questions, please contact our customer support.