The history of the appearance of laminate
Laminate is one of the most popular types of flooring. It is used almost everywhere, but modern models differ significantly from earlier prototypes. Today you can buy a laminate that meets high quality standards and has excellent characteristics. But how this flooring was created and what evolution has gone through, let's try to figure it out.

How did laminate flooring appear
The first manufacturer of laminate flooring is the Swedish company Persorp AB. Back in the early 50s, it started producing laminated surfaces for kitchen furniture. In 1977, the first laminate flooring appeared on the Swedish market, but the high price did not allow it to gain wide popularity.

The company later modernized the technology, and in 1989 the first commercial laminate brand called Pergo was introduced to the public. The manufacturer had many competitors, but until 1991 it was considered a monopoly in the production of laminated floors.

How laminate flooring became in the 21st century
Compared to prototypes of past years, modern laminate looks a little different. It has higher performance characteristics such as:

high strength;
resistance to damage;
environmental Safety;
resistance to moisture;
a wide range of structures, shades.
Modern laminate flooring for apartments is a multi-layer coating. It has several types of wear-resistant coatings and different classes.

Laminate floor structure
Laminated panels are made from quality materials that meet all environmental safety requirements. The coating consists of 4 layers:

The protective layer is an acrylic or melamine film that protects the board from damage.
The decorative layer is treated paper that imitates wood, ceramics and other materials.
The basis is a dense HDF board, which is characterized by wear resistance and strength.
The bottom layer is paper impregnated with resins to stabilize the panels and protect them from moisture.
Some manufacturers add a backing to the bottom layer to provide sound insulation.

Laminate classes
Laminate is classified according to the international standard EN13329. The entire range of laminate floors can be divided into two categories - for commercial and domestic use.

In the commercial area, laminate class 33 or 34 are used. Class 33 is suitable for rooms with low levels of traffic, and 34 for rooms with high levels of traffic. For domestic use, laminated flooring of 31 and 32 classes is suitable.

Wear resistance of the coating
One of the most important characteristics for the consumer is not the size of the coating, but its durability. Modern laminate is classified according to the international standard EN13329.

AC1, AC2 and AC3 are suitable for domestic use. It is designed for use under moderate loads. Laminate flooring of AC4 and AC5 classes is suitable for installation in commercial premises, which can withstand even intensive use.

Moisture resistance of laminated floor
High quality laminate flooring is resistant to moisture. The basis for this type of coating is most often an HDF board with a density of 800-1050 kg / m3.

In the production of the base for the laminate, wood fiber, special impregnations and a special technology of pressing at high temperatures are used. That is why modern laminated floors have a moisture resistance level of 5-6%, which almost completely eliminates the harmful effects of moisture.

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