Among the popular methods for finishing floors is laying parquet boards. The coating formed by them demonstrates an expanded assortment of positive sides, creating a noble appearance and an atmosphere of aristocracy in the decorated premises of a residential apartment.

But gradually accumulating dirt, too abruptly changing humidity indicators and high load factors worsen the appearance of the surface, and also reduce the parameters of technical characteristics. Therefore, the floor covering is protected from the destructive effects of extreme environmental factors in several ways, which are described below.

Parquet varnishes

Such substances have been used for a long time as a means of effectively protecting the front side of parquet, laid in the premises of a renovated apartment or a country building. They help extend the life of the material and improve the aesthetic appeal of the material. But the destructive effect of all kinds of loads gradually abrades the lacquer layer, giving rise to the danger of wetting, swelling and irreversible changes in the geometric shape of wooden products.

And the original attractiveness of the external appearance of the flooring is spoiled by settling dust particles and accumulating dirt, therefore the varnish surface is from time to time subjected to cleaning activities and the application of specialized products. So, the varnish that has lost its own operational properties is pre-treated with a polish that preserves the integrity of the protective coating and wax preventing moisture.

A significant amount of impurities absorbed into the wood of parquet boards is eliminated with cleaners. Such compositions look like concentrated mixtures that are diluted with water to the consistency required for the master, or completely ready-to-use aerosols in sprayers. Their components effectively dissolve dirt particles, while maintaining the integrity of the lacquer layer. To increase the reliability of the result, it is recommended to purchase a cleaner and varnish from the same manufacturer.

Parquet oils

Oils specially designed for the treatment of parquet boards play a successful role as a substitute for varnish. The manufacture of such substances is accompanied by the addition of oils of natural or artificial origin. And the resistance of the protective coating to wear-generating loads is improved by modifying additives. Correctly applied composition very reliably clogs microscopic and relatively large cracks present on the boards.

This helps to block the path of liquids, vapors and dirt trying to seep into the wood. The results are improved by the additional application of wax, although most brands of well-known manufacturers of parquet oils already contain this component. The attractiveness of the coating in question is controlled by the type of surface it creates when it dries. So, it is recommended to look after the glossy surface more carefully because of the excellent visibility of small scratches.

Among the positive aspects of parquet oils is the relatively low complexity of floor restoration. If the restoration of the lacquer layer is accompanied by thorough grinding of the entire surface, then the repair of the lacquered veneer allows you to grind only the damaged areas with a grinding device, which are re-soaked with oil. To maintain the beauty of the finished floor, the oiled surface must be renewed periodically.