How to choose a floor covering in a private house
The floor covering is not only an element of an interior, but also provides heat and comfort indoors, its sound insulation. To buy a parquet board in Kiev or to give preference to other types of materials for registration of an interior? Property owners, equipping their homes, wonder how to choose a floor covering for a private home?

Material selection criteria
When choosing a floor covering for both an apartment and a private home, it is important that the materials used to make it meet the following criteria:

Durability and durability. A private house is built so that representatives of several generations can live in it, so the choice and installation of quality materials is a responsible step, because the replacement of flooring is a big financial, time and labor costs.
The ecologically pure covering on a floor will provide a comfortable life, will give to an interior a respectable look.
Comfort and design, simplicity of laying, and also the price of materials are not less important criteria influencing the choice which depends including on type of a country house.

Materials: main types
If the building is designed to live in a house of several generations, the floor covering for a private house must be durable, wear-resistant. One of such materials is a piece parquet - the laths small in the size forming at laying the original drawing. This material will look great in any room of the house.

Hallway: dust and dirt brought from the street accumulate here, so the floor covering in this room should be made of quality material, easy to wash, be durable and able to withstand high loads. The floor in the hallway should be not only practical but also beautiful. The optimal solution will be a massive board that demonstrates durability and attractive appearance. A more affordable alternative for the hallway area will be laminate, one of the strongest types of flooring, which is not afraid of mechanical damage, heat resistant, demonstrates high moisture resistance and wear resistance.

Artificial or natural linoleum can be used for a veranda, a floor in a hall. An excellent option would be ceramic granite, which exceeds the properties of natural stone.

Kitchen: the floor in this room is more often than others exposed to dirt, mechanical impacts of falling kitchen utensils, cutlery. What floor covering to choose for a private house, for kitchen design? Here the preference should be given to finishing with a rough, unglazed surface. Porcelain, ceramic tiles, natural linoleum, laminate will be a practical and beautiful solution for decorating the kitchen, where we spend a lot of time preparing delicious food, gathering at the same table with family, loved ones, friends. Floors with lighting or an original pattern will help to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in the kitchen.

It's no secret that the toilet and bathroom are places with high humidity. When choosing materials for the floor of a country house, it is important to consider this factor. For a bathroom, a toilet the ceramic tile with a relief non-slip surface will perfectly approach. It can be linoleum, a cork covering which surface is protected by a varnish layer. The most expensive option will be a solid board made of teak wood, resistant to rotting wood.

Living room - it can tell a lot about the character of the owner. For registration of a floor covering in a drawing room the piece parquet or the massive board durable with noble natural drawing which can be bought in Kiev which is possible at the favorable prices will perfectly approach. The piece parquet made in factory conditions is covered with a varnish layer that provides durability.

Children's: choosing a floor covering for this room, it is necessary to give preference to natural, environmentally friendly materials. If it is a solid board or piece parquet, it should be treated not with varnish, but with a layer of oil, which is more environmentally friendly, perfectly preserves the natural properties of wood.