Laminate flooring allows you to add beauty and neatness to the floor at a minimum cost. It is the fact that the material has an attractive cost and at the same time high quality that allows it to be popular and in demand. First, you need to clarify some criteria to help you choose a quality laminate.

Manufacturer company

Everyone knows that the more serious the manufacturer, the higher the quality of the material. There is nothing difficult in determining the "seriousness" of a manufacturer. To do this, it is enough to know that the company is included in the EPLF association. That is, the laminate produced by these manufacturers is of high quality. This mainly includes Western European companies. But Russian production is not inferior to these firms and has positive indicators in this market.


You can often find laminate flooring that mimics wood or parquet floors. But in order to achieve the similarity of the laminate with a parquet or floorboard, it is necessary to minimize the repetition of the pattern. This material is produced by Western European manufacturers. But not all people want to see boards with "knots" on the floor. Therefore, they opt for beige or brownish laminate. And the manufacturer of such material is China.

Wear resistance

The class of wear resistance is the main one in the choice of coating. In some cases, this is one of the main parameters. But also here it is necessary to remember that each type of laminate is made for a specific room. The higher the class of the laminate, the longer the service life.

Moisture resistance

Laminate with a water-repellent surface is made from HDF boards. To obtain their basis, only high-quality raw materials are used. Without them, the moisture resistance of the coating would be impossible to achieve. The best indicator of the moisture resistance of the laminate is the high density of the HDF board and the application of a special composition to it, which repels moisture.

Laminate for different rooms in the house

All rooms in the house have different purposes. This influences the choice of laminate. Therefore, for each room, you should select a laminate that has different characteristics.


Laminate flooring is ideal for this space. Since it is practical and does not require much maintenance. Cleaning the kitchen is a frequent process, so you should opt for a moisture-resistant material. For a comfortable floor in the kitchen, so that it does not slip, you need to choose a laminate that has a textured surface. Since the kitchen is a place in the house where there is a heavy load on the floor, it is worth giving preference to the 33rd class.


A waterproof laminate should be used here. The basis of the material is a non-absorbent PVC board. The characteristics of the waterproof laminate are similar to the usual ceramic tiles.

Living rooms

For rooms such as a bedroom, living room or nursery, in addition to design and durability, other characteristics of the laminate are also important. For example, noise absorption property. It depends on the quality of the board and substrate.

These rooms are not used so often, so here you can pick up a 31 and 32 class laminate.

The corridor

There is a high permeability here, and because of constant dust and dirt, you have to wash the floors more often, because of this, you should choose a laminate of a high wear resistance class (33 or 34), resistant to moisture.
With the right approach to the choice of laminate flooring in the house will always delight the owners.