Quartz vinyl floors have been in demand for over 40 years, proving their practicality and safety. A reliable floor covering suitable for furnishing living rooms and offices. For the production of vinyl floors, safe technologies are used that do not harm the environment and human health. Features of Quartz Vinyl Floor

Modern flooring boasts high wear resistance and a long service life. Sanitary and hygienic certificates confirm that vinyl floors are completely safe for humans. The material has a non-porous structure, therefore it is not a favorable environment for the reproduction of organisms.

Quartz vinyl floors are easy to maintain. Contamination can be removed using conventional products that do not contain abrasive particles or solvents. The use of prohibited formulations may affect the quality of the coating, but this does not affect the health of adults and children.

The following characteristics indicate the safety of vinyl floors for the home:

the surface of the coating is rough, so you cannot slip in either socks or slippers;
due to the fact that the material is quite dense, quartz-vinyl retains heat and is part of the "warm floor" system;
the floor covering acts as a soundproofing layer
The fire safety class of the material (KM-2) is quite high, which makes it a suitable coating option for children's and medical institutions, concert halls, and residential premises. Antistatic vinyl floors (Kiev) prevent the emergence or development of allergies in adults and children.

Laying the floor yourself is not a problem, but due to the lack of the necessary skills, it is better to seek help. No mounting substrate is required, which reduces the cost of arranging large rooms and premises. A wide range of design options only adds points to coverage.

How to choose a quartz vinyl flooring?

To buy a vinyl floor in Kiev and make the right choice of flooring is a responsible task that every person can cope with. In order for the coating to be pleasing throughout its service life, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the design, but also to other specific qualities:

Smell. High-quality quartz vinyl smells specific, but within a week after installation, the aroma will disappear. The presence of a strong, chemical or unpleasant odor indicates a poor quality of the material.
Certificates. You can find out about the compliance of the coating with sanitary and hygienic standards after studying the documents and conclusions.
Well-known manufacturers. Popular brands use technologies that do not harm the environment and human health.
The image of a green leaf on the packaging confirms the safety of the product. Thus, the decision to buy vinyl flooring is rational. The goods marked with the quality mark are produced without harm to the environment.