It is believed that laying a parquet board is available not only to experienced craftsmen, but also to everyone who has "rightly growing" hands. Let's briefly talk about how to properly lay a parquet board. The following installation methods are distinguished:

Features of laying parquet boards

The material can be mounted along the walls (parallel to the sun rays falling from the windows) or diagonally (but the waste will increase by about 8%). The first stage of installation is preparing the floor. It should be flat, clean and dry. A waterproofing substrate must be laid on top of the floor.

The next step is directly laying the parquet board. It is important to leave a gap of at least 10 mm between the walls and the parquet line and fix the panels in a checkerboard pattern. At the end of this stage, you can fix the skirting boards, and fix them to the walls. That's all - the new parquet board is ready for use and does not require additional processing. So the statement is true: any home master can handle the styling.