Decking is one of the most popular outdoor flooring. Most often it is used on terraces, hence the name of the material. It consists of wood and polymer compounds. This allows a long service life to be achieved.

Decking board characteristics
The average thickness of a decking board is 50 mm - this is the best indicator for such a coating. On the seamy side, there are special cuts that provide good wear resistance. It is thanks to them that the board can perfectly withstand significant mechanical loads. The front side of the cover has small channels that ensure safety: it is almost impossible to slip on the board.

Terrace board in Kiev has many advantages:

presentable appearance: the coating does not lose its qualities for many years of operation;
absolute safety: you can safely walk barefoot on the surface, while you can not be afraid of any splinters;
excellent antifungal resistance;
durability: decking is not afraid of moisture, so even heavy rain will not harm it;
resistance to ultraviolet rays;
environmental Safety;
ease of installation and subsequent care.
Main types of coverage
If you are looking for a decking in Kiev, you probably know that modern manufacturers offer three types of flooring. Each of them has its own characteristics and advantages.

The most popular is solid wood decking. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that the coating is made from wood of precisely those species that are used to growing in conditions of high humidity. Therefore, in the manufacture of boards, exotic types of trees are used, which face fluctuations in temperature every day. Also, decking is often made from oak and ash. And the most affordable option is considered to be a pine covering.

On sale you can find decking made of heat-treated wood. Thanks to a special method of steam treatment, the material acquires excellent strength and resistance to the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation and moisture. The main advantage of this type of coating is to provide good strength without the use of chemical impregnation.

Wood composite decking is the most economical option. Its peculiarity lies in its unique composition: 50% of the coating consists of a mixture of organic filler (sawdust and shavings), as well as 50% of artificial material (polyethylene or polypropylene).

Features of the coating application
Decking is used for flooring in open areas in cottages and homesteads. Decking made from this material is often used for floors on roofs, verandas or balconies. It is a reliable and durable material that is not afraid of contact with external stimuli.

It is also customary to lay the coating on garden paths and nearby swimming pools. It is ideal for playgrounds, small marinas, patios. Sometimes the coating is used for cladding the facades of various buildings and premises.

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