Making out the local area of ​​a country house, you should pay special attention to the terrace. Specialists in the construction of this part of the house use decking, because it has the necessary characteristics and is presented on the market with a wide range. Using such a covering, you can create any terrace design.

Varieties of decking

Decking is a deck or plank wood planks. There are two types of them. The first is planken, a decking with a smooth surface. The second is called velveteen; these are products with small corrugations.

The deck is made of natural and combined materials, including:

The first two options, due to the wood used (teak, larch, bamboo, iroko), are resistant to wear, scratches and chips. Their installation is carried out by the lag method - after it, the board is covered with special agents that increase protection from natural factors and the occurrence of abrasions.

The size of decking platforms is very diverse and does not have any restrictions. In stores, you can find slats from two to four meters long and up to 20 cm wide.

The wood-polymer composite is made from a mixture of sawdust, due to which the output is a pleasant to the touch, wear-resistant material. WPC is easy to use, therefore it is used not only for decorating terraces, but also for creating home design. The main thing is to choose the right type of product, among which the following categories are presented:

For home. It has a variety of colors and characteristics necessary for home coverage. Among them are ease of care and increased protection against abrasions.
Professional. This look is for commercial use. It is made of polypropylene and has increased wear resistance.
DPK Expert. It is distinguished by increased strength and moisture resistance, therefore it is used in the design of water parks and commercial and commercial premises.
WPC products are very variable and have more than 10 colors, so it will not be difficult to design a terrace or restaurant with their help.

Advantages and disadvantages of decking

Regardless of the type of product chosen, it has the following advantages:

high strength;
service life up to 20 years;
resistance to natural factors;
high coefficient of anti-slip and thermal insulation;
the possibility of painting in any shade.
Among the minuses, it is worth highlighting the fact that solid wood products must be periodically treated with hydrophobic agents, because they can lose their resistance to moisture and swell. Poor-quality WPC, in turn, burns out over time or changes size when heated. Therefore, it is recommended to buy floor coverings exclusively from trusted retailers.