One of the most popular material options for external cladding is decking. Most often it is used for facades. The material has earned its popularity with excellent performance and stylish appearance. Anyone can buy a terrace board for facing, because manufacturers offer a large selection of different options in a variety of price categories.

Advantages of cladding with decking
The popularity of decking can be easily explained by the large number of advantages of the material:

Quick and easy installation, in which nails and other fasteners are simply not needed. This means that the external aesthetics are not disturbed.
The decking does not need any special maintenance, which means that operating costs are significantly reduced.
Thanks to excellent air circulation, decking eliminates the possibility of mold and other adverse phenomena.
Versatility of use - you can buy a terrace board for a fence, decoration of a private house, gazebo, garage, office, hotel and other buildings.
Affordable cost (in comparison with other similar finishing materials)
Excellent performance properties deserve special attention. Terrace board is distinguished by its durability: its service life can exceed 30 years. It is characterized by an anti-slip surface, pleasant tactile properties, a fairly high level of resistance at various temperature conditions, as well as strength and practicality.

Features of using the board
Buying a decking board for facing various surfaces is a popular option in our country. Initially, this material was used for outdoor work, and therefore serious requirements were imposed on it. Thanks to the improvement of technology, the range of properties has expanded, so that decking can be used both in external and internal works. Some of the most popular uses are:

open terraces;
finishing of facades;
finishing of swimming pools, embankments and piers;
paths and bridges;
creating awnings;
finishing of balconies;
athletic facilities;
baths and saunas cladding;
playgrounds and rooms for children:
you can also buy a terrace fence board.
You can fix the deck board yourself or entrust it to experts. Such material is mounted in two ways: closed and open. When choosing an open method, you should first fix the wooden logs around the perimeter of the territory that you plan to equip. Use reliable fasteners to secure the boards.

It is also possible to mount boards in a closed way during preliminary preparation of the base. It is best to do this on a concrete surface that is free of bumps and depressions. With this approach, the required slope is created, under which excess moisture does not accumulate.

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