The terrace board is a material which is received thanks to connection of natural wood, and also various polymers. Use of modern technologies allows to create ideal material for external application which differs in long service life and does not demand special leaving.

Variety of terrace board

When the terrace board appeared on the modern market of finishing materials, it was a covering from larch and exotic breeds of wood. But this material was not the most ideal option, because when exposed to moisture and drying, it gave uneven shrinkage.

The second type of coating is thermowood. This is a more practical coating that is durable and practical. Also important is the beautiful design and extensive colors that allow you to fit organically into the overall interior.

The wood-polymer composite coating is the perfect combination of quality and reliability. The harmonious combination of two materials allows to reach the maximum durability and high aesthetic and operational qualities.

Advantages of a terrace board

The terrace board is an excellent covering which has well proved in operation. Among the advantages of the material:

fire safety;
attractive appearance;
high environmental friendliness;
resistance to deformation;
durability (the covering will last 20-50 years);
resistance to fading from ultraviolet light;
ease of care (the product does not need to buy special expensive cleaning products);
high heat resistance;
large selection of decor and shades;
strong surface withstanding significant mechanical impact;
moisture resistance;
anti-slip surface.
The covering is not afraid of influence of difference of humidity and temperatures. The terrace board is not subject to emergence of a fungus and a mold. The smooth surface is absolutely safe for walking barefoot.

Scope of a covering

Terrace board is an excellent finishing material, which is most often used outdoors. It is perfect for arranging a terrace in the country or in the cottage. You can use it for the roof and summer area (such as a cafe or restaurant). You can often see it on the balconies.

The material is ideal for creating garden paths or flooring in greenhouses or flower beds. The coating is not afraid of moisture at all, and the beauty of wildlife is organically combined with decking. With the help of this material it is possible to improve a children's or playground. Also the terrace board is ideally suited for creation of a floor covering in arbors.

It is not uncommon to cover the facades of houses with a terrace board. This decor allows you to create an elegant and stylish design. Moorings, piers, platforms at the pool - in these and other conditions the terrace board is an irreplaceable covering.