Textured decking has recently become the most popular material for decorating the exteriors of private houses. Wood-polymer composite (WPC) is the basis for the production of board material with the addition of components such as polypropylene and natural shredded wood. Therefore, the product can be considered environmentally friendly and half natural.

There are several main types of texture of terrace boards for a balcony, loggia, terrace:

Comb. The front side of the building material has a number of small and large indentations applied in one direction. The ribs are applied along the entire length of the board, therefore they look like a ribbed surface with a beautiful and expressive texture.
Velveteen. These are semicircular scars applied one after the other with a slight fit. Therefore, visually, the surface resembles corduroy. To create such a texture, a special method of grinding with metal brushes is used.
Wood. The most popular and versatile type of decking. The material looks great, visually resembles a tree in color and texture. The deeper the relief, the more luxurious and attractive the terrace board looks.
Each of these options is produced by unique surface grinding, which in turn affects the style of the material, its cost and other characteristics. You can buy a terrace board much cheaper than a natural wooden one. It is also very easy to install.

Material processing methods

Terrace board for a house goes through several stages during production. One of the most important is sanding, because it gives the desired look, determining what the final surface will be.

Decking has 3 processing options:

Gloss. In fact, this is a surface that has not undergone rough processing and grinding, and therefore retained its luster.
Embossing. It is produced on a board with a wood texture. The cuts are tangential and radial. The depth of the texture and other nuances will depend on the type.
Brushing. Grinding is carried out in an arcuate and longitudinal manner, leaving well-finished grooves according to the pattern.
Applying the above techniques during production, it turns out to achieve the desired texture.

Benefits of using decking

Decking is cheap and is a high-quality modern replacement for natural wood, not inferior to it in terms of characteristics, and in some cases even superior.

Decking has several advantages for the user:

prevents slipping and improves grip;
looks natural and aesthetically attractive;
patterns allow you to create unique compositions by combining textures and colors;
durable, practical, easy to clean.
It is better to entrust the installation of a terrace board Kiev to professionals in order to guarantee a beautiful facing of the zone and a guarantee for operation.