One of the most popular areas that excite people when choosing a floor covering - light or dark laminate, reviews and recommendations from real users of the material. Of course, there is no clear answer to the question, because the choice of color is a matter of taste. But there are some unbiased recommendations that will help you decide.

Stains and dust on light and dark laminate

If you choose a laminate in terms of the presence of traces of stains after cleaning, it is better to stay on a light floor. There are no stains on it - except if the surface is glossy and reflects light very well. In this regard, light laminate with a textured or matte surface is better than dark - at least, that's what the owners say.

Dust and small debris in the form of wool, lint or thread are also not very noticeable on a light surface. Against a dark background, they are clearly visible and visible from afar - the gaze will literally stop at them.

Light or dark laminate - a choice depending on the room

There are quite a few stereotypes about the color of the floor in a particular type of room. They are not devoid of practicality, so you can rely on the following recommendations:

• laminate of light, close to white tones, creates a feeling of cold sterility. This is not a very suitable option for a living room;

• light laminate visually expands the room. Good for living room, kitchen, nursery;

• dark laminate is warmer (visually). It is well suited for the bedroom as well as for the seating area in the office;

• the dark scale of colors is suitable for halls as this laminate is capable to hide strong pollution a little.

From the point of view of space management, dark laminate visually "spreads the walls", light - increases the height of the ceiling, the combination of dark and light allows you to effectively zone the space in an apartment, house or other object.

Dark and light laminate in combination with interior items

Reading reviews about light or dark laminate, you can come to a few more practical conclusions. So, at a choice of a dark laminate it is necessary to put in a room furniture which is lighter than a floor on 2-3 tones. Doors should usually be darker than laminate, but if the latter is close in color to black, you need to put a door of a similar color, but with light thresholds and trim. This, of course, is not a guide to action: you always need to start from your own perception of colors, tastes and conditions. The main thing is to choose a quality laminate - and then its color will not be the main thing