Do-it-yourself parquet restoration is a rather laborious process for a beginner. Parquetry, which is made of quality materials and correctly laid, can serve two or even three generations of your family.

Of course, this is the hope of everyone who purchases parquet as the main floor covering.
But it is important to remember that in order for the parquet to retain its original appearance, it should be treated with care and maintained regularly. The main problem is scratches, which will cause a lot of problems for the owners of the parquet floor.

Preparatory work
Before proceeding with the elimination of the shortcomings, first consider what the damage is. Parquet scratches can be of two types: shallow and deep. The first ones come from shoes or from children's toys. Deep flaws arise as a result of strong mechanical interference, for example, careless movement of furniture or a hard, heavy object falling onto the parquet floor.

But today it is quite possible to cope with the problem of scratches at home! But if you are the owner of an expensive parquet board and are not sure that you can cope with its restoration yourself, we recommend that you contact a parquet restoration specialist.

So how to get scratches off the floor yourself? In order to cope with this unpleasant defect, you need to prepare:

Parquet repair varnish, brush, rag, rubber trowel.
More unusual ingredients, namely a walnut, a bottle of iodine and a varnish for a parquet board.
Two pencils (wax and retouch) and sandpaper.
Finally, you need a hardwood floor putty.
Parquet restoration
Before starting your restoration work, choose a wax crayon that matches the color of your parquet floor perfectly. Once you've decided on the color you want, gently melt the wax (either in the oven or in the microwave). When it becomes liquid, carefully apply it to the damaged area of ​​the parquet floor - carefully pour the wax into the scratch, then smooth it well to the thinnest possible layer, and remove the excess with a rubber spatula.

After this procedure, take a sufficiently soft cloth and polish well the surface of the damaged area of ​​the parquet board. If your floor is not badly damaged, and there is a very small scratch on it, then you can remove it with a simple walnut. It is necessary to split it (it is important that it is not old) and extract the core from it. After waxing, you can replace the rag with a walnut and wipe the damaged area with its core - from this the parquet will darken and acquire its original color.

To make scratches on the parquet less noticeable, or to get rid of them altogether, they also use a special varnish for repair work. It just needs to be sprayed over the damaged area and left to dry. But this restoration option is suitable if the damage to the parquet board is very small and almost invisible.

If the scratch on your parquet is deep enough and large enough, then you can try another restoration option, namely, using a special putty for parquet flooring. The main thing is to choose the right color so that it ideally matches the color of the parquet, otherwise you will have an unpleasant spot on the floor that stands out against the general background.
To get rid of a scratch with such a putty, you just need to apply it with a spatula to the damaged area, remove the excess and leave to dry for a while. After that, the treated area of ​​the parquet is sanded with sandpaper as carefully as possible. Before filling the repaired place with varnish, do not forget to remove dust and dirt so that the surface becomes perfectly clean, smooth and glossy.

And finally, another option for parquet restoration is polishing. You will need a surface grinder. After such processing, you just need to varnish the surface.

It remains to answer the last question - why do you need a bottle of iodine? They can mask minor damage. To do this, you need to do the following procedure: prepare a weak solution of iodine, lubricate the brush with it and gently wipe the scratch. This type of renovation works wonderfully if the parquet board is made of mahogany, oak or walnut.

To avoid these restoration work:

to protect the parquet board from dust and dirt, lay a carpet on the floor;
put soft nozzles on the furniture legs to avoid damaging the parquet board;
do not walk on the parquet in high-heeled shoes, this can severely damage the parquet;
for care and protection from damage, as well as for cleaning, use special products for parquet.