If you need to repair the parquet, it is not at all necessary to resort to the services of specialized companies, you can restore the parquet on your own. Thus, you can significantly save money, you only need material and tools.

Here are some tips to help you restore the original look of your parquet yourself.

Before you start repairing damaged areas of the parquet, carefully examine the entire surface, if there are loose planks, you can drill holes in them for the heads of screws or nails, and then drive them in or screw them in.

It is worth noting that the repair of a parquet board has its own nuances and features. In particular, it is quite difficult to find the right putty color for wood flooring.

In order to match the color of the putty perfectly with the color of the parquet, it is recommended to use small chips, which are formed during the scrapping of the parquet board. Next, these shavings must be mixed with a universal primer for parquet boards, until a uniform pasty mixture. After that, you can safely cover up all cracks, scratches and chips on the parquet with the resulting mixture. After the primer has dried, all excess is removed with a grinder.

Next, we prime the parquet and varnish it. It is worth knowing that, before applying the last layer of varnish, the parquet should be sanded with a special machine. This must be done in order to avoid irregularities due to possible build-up of the previous varnish coat.

If you need to varnish a new parquet, then after coating with the first layer of varnish, the parquet board must be sanded, as wood fibers may appear.

How to redecorate a parquet board?

In the case when the parquet does not have serious damage, but only has a slightly worn look, then it can be renewed and given a beautiful appearance. To do this, you need a varnish and a special sander.

It is not recommended to wait until small areas of the uncoated board begin to grow rapidly in size. Redecoration must be carried out at least once every five years.

Redecorating the parquet begins with removing the old varnish. For this, drum grinders are used first, and then belt grinders. This removes not only the old varnish, but also a thin layer of wood. In the corners of the room and in hard-to-reach places, use angle and eccentric sanders.

The parquet board must be sanded twice, the first layer should be removed with coarse abrasive materials, and the second layer with fine sanding.

Before proceeding directly to varnishing the surface, the parquet must be vacuumed and then thoroughly wiped with a damp cloth.

It is worth considering that varnish is of different types. Regular varnish and highly wear resistant. For example, acrylic (water-based), alkyd and polyurethane (solvent-based artificial).

Acrylic varnish is considered the most popular, since it is diluted with plain water. In addition, this varnish does not change the color of the parquet board, it dries quickly enough and does not have a strong smell.

If you want to obtain a glossy, semi-matt or matt shine of the parquet, then the appropriate varnish must be selected. The properties of the varnish are usually indicated on labels and indicated by letters.

It is worth remembering that before varnishing the surface of the parquet, it should be coated with a primer. The primer itself and the varnish must be of the same firm and brand.

The parquet should be varnished from corners and hard-to-reach places.

There should be at least 7 layers of varnish, then you will achieve a mirror-like look.

The varnish dries up within a week.