Laminate repair: solving basic flooring problems.

Laminate is a wear-resistant coating, but there is no eternal material. The appearance of scratches, blisters, cracks and chips is sometimes inevitable: it is a matter of time, quality of installation and intensity of use. But in most cases, it is possible to repair the laminate for further effective use.

Eliminating scratches on laminate

This is the most common problem and can be solved in 15 minutes with a laminate repair kit, trowel and vacuum cleaner. The repair kit must match the color of the floor, and the scratches must be shallow. Crayons or putties can be used as the main product.

To repair the laminate from scratches with a wax crayon, you need to vacuum the floor surface with a vacuum cleaner, and then paint over the imperfections with chalk. Then, using a dry cloth, it is enough to remove excess wax and polish the surface. Deep scratches are best repaired with putty: it must be applied with a spatula. If you have no experience, it is better to practice first. Excess putty is removed after work, and the repaired area is left untouched for at least 2 hours.

Removing stains

This refers to the repair of laminate rather conditionally, but the problem is common. Fundamental rules:

Stains from tea, coffee, fruits and blood can be removed with a special laminate cleaner;
Dirty stains from shoes, oily stains are removed with a dry nylon cloth;
Stains from paint and varnish products are removed with a very small amount of solvent or acetone, applying it pointwise.
Replacing laminate boards

If the flaws are strong (deep scratches, chips, large paint spots), the laminate is repaired by replacing the damaged area with a new one. This can be done in two ways: disassemble the flooring or cut out the damaged boards with a circular saw. Disassembly of the laminate starts from the wall closest to the damage. First you need to carefully remove the plinth, and after board after board, disassemble the covering, raising each element by 45 degrees. After replacement, it is enough to repeat all the steps in the reverse order.

If it is planned to cut a section, you need to perform the following actions:

Drill holes 1 cm from the corners of the damaged board. On the sides of the board, repeat the holes every 25 cm;
Using a pencil and a ruler, connect the holes. Adjust the circular saw to the cutting depth corresponding to the thickness of the laminate;
Saw the board along the lines, starting in the middle. The short sides can be cut with a knife;
Remove damaged laminate and vacuum the area;
In a new board, cut off the lower part of the lock with a knife;
Attach a new board with glue. Wipe off any remaining adhesive with a soft cloth.
Eliminating gaps between joints

The main reason for the disadvantage is incorrect laying of the coating. In this case, repair of the laminate is carried out in one of two ways. The first is to fill the gap with a special composition based on wood filler. Suitable for small imperfections. The second method is more radical - it is parsing the coating and re-styling correctly. In this case, it is worth paying attention to the evenness of the main floor, the acclimatization of the laminate, the professionalism of the master who performs the installation.

Solving problems with bloated laminate

Bloating is a common problem caused by improper styling. If no expansion gaps were provided during installation, the boards will "climb" on top of each other when the humidity level changes. Laminate repair is simple: you need to remove the boards adjacent to the walls and cut 1-1.5 cm from them longitudinally. In order not to fool your head, it is better to provide gaps around the perimeter of the walls during the installation process using special spacers.

Repair of laminated laminate

Material delaminates from washing with copious use of water or soapy water. To prevent this, it is better to use a special cleaner, observing the dosage and wiping the floor with a dry soft cloth. Well, accidentally spilled liquid should be wiped up as soon as possible. These tips are very important as the only way to repair laminate flooring is to replace the damaged area.

Laminate backing repair

Failures, creaks, knocks when walking on the laminate indicate deterioration of the substrate or defects in the main floor. The problem that has arisen must be resolved as quickly as possible, before the laminated panels are damaged or the locks are not deformed. Repair in this case consists in disassembling the entire flooring and dismantling the substrate.
After that, you need to assess the quality of the main floor: find flaws, measure unevenness. If the problems are serious, it is worth re-aligning. And only after that it is possible to lay a new substrate, corresponding to the type of room and the intensity of floor exploitation. It is necessary to lay a laminate on it, be sure to observe the technology.