Sooner or later, each of us faces repairs. As a rule, the laying of flooring is carried out for many years, so it is very important to take responsibility for its choice. Due to the wide range of products, it is sometimes difficult to decide on the right option. Often the buyer is faced with a choice: laminate or parquet board. What are the differences between these two flooring? Let's figure it out.

Features and appearance of flooring
Before looking for the differences between the two floor coverings, you should familiarize yourself with their definitions. So, laminate is a covering that consists of 4-5 layers of synthetic material. In other words, these are "photo wallpapers", which are attached to a fiberboard and covered with a special layer of transparent resin on top.

In turn, parquet board is a three-layer coating made of wood veneer. The lower layers of the material are made from cheap raw materials, while the upper layers are made of high quality wood.

When it comes to appearance, when choosing a laminate, you will surely come across a chic choice of decors. On sale you can find coatings for wood, marble, stone. The look of the parquet board is completely identical to the structure of the tree.

Differences in performance
The laminate flooring is highly practical. It is difficult to scratch and is highly resistant to surface abrasion. But when compared to natural wood, laminate is a rather cold and noisy kind of flooring. But the problem can be easily solved with a warm floor and a sound-absorbing substrate.

A parquet floor is more capricious, so heavy furniture or sharp female heels will not benefit it. Topcoat and varnish can be easily scratched. In addition, the parquet board does not tolerate temperature extremes, as well as fluctuations in humidity.

Differences in the features of the care of the laminate and parquet boards
Laminate is not the most capricious material, but it does not like excessive moisture on its surface. The use of chemicals is highly discouraged. You should follow the rules of wet cleaning and avoid too much moisture.

It is recommended to use a slightly damp cloth or vacuum cleaner to care for your parquet board. To deal with stubborn dirt, you can use special detergents designed for the care of wooden surfaces.

Service life and cost of flooring
If you are faced with the choice of the most durable material, be sure to take a closer look at the parquet board. With proper care, it will last at least thirty-five years. The secret to durability lies in the possibility of additional grinding if necessary. Due to the thickness of the layer, this procedure can be repeated about 3-4 times. The average lifespan of a laminate is 7-20 years. The service life depends on the wear class, as well as the characteristics of its care.

Parquet board has a higher cost compared to laminate. But some types of laminate with a high level of wear resistance are in the same price range. But still, when choosing a particular floor covering, you should not focus only on the price, since the more important criteria are service life and performance. If a variety of designs is more important to you, you should opt for a laminate. Well, if you are looking for the most durable flooring, be sure to check out the parquet board.