If you have a country house or cottage, you should think about arranging a recreation area on your personal plot. For example, you can build a gazebo - a cozy place where you can read a book, play board games, or have tea parties. But to create it, you need to stock up on the necessary materials. It is important that the floor for the gazebo is strong and reliable. It is he who has the greatest load, so it is necessary to choose the right material for him.

Concrete gazebo floor
A concrete floor is a time-tested option. Such material is considered universal, therefore it is suitable for any interior design. The process of pouring concrete into the floor is incredibly simple: it is only important to follow the correct procedure.

First, you need to lay the reinforcement rods with an interval of 200-250 mm on a small elevation above ground level. This technique will make the future floor more reliable. After that, it is necessary to make a tight cement-crushed stone-sand in a ratio of 1: 5: 3. The resulting mixture must be poured over the surface. The next step is tiling.

Tiled covering
Tiles are a great option. It is reliable, durable and versatile. For its installation, it is necessary to prepare a special flooring - a deepening into the ground. The resulting depression must be covered with sand and gravel and well tamped. Then the site is filled with a sand mixture with cement and water. After that, you must wait until the composition hardens.

After the preparatory work is completed, you can start laying the tiles. A densely laid floor covering will prevent grass from sprouting. In addition, fallen leaves in the fall will be much more convenient to clean.

Pergola floor made of wood
Almost any person admires the attractive appearance of the tree. This is one of the most beautiful and pleasant materials to work with. Wood is environmentally friendly, making it the ideal flooring. For arranging the gazebo, three options for floor boards are suitable, including:

deck board is the most ideal option for flooring. The material has a high level of moisture resistance, as well as good resistance to temperature extremes and other factors;
decking is a durable coating that consists of a mixture of wood and plastic. Such material is characterized by moisture resistance, resistance to temperature changes, reliability, strength and durability;
Garden parquet is a durable material that works well for gazebo floors. For its flooring, it is absolutely not necessary to level the base. There is absolutely no need to do preparatory work in such a situation.
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