The underlayment for laminate and parquet boards is an indispensable element in the professional installation of flooring. Acting as an additional layer between the concrete floor and the floor covering, it directly affects the performance of the surface - primarily strength and long-term use. You can buy a reliable underlay for laminate flooring from well-known manufacturers in Kiev in our online store. We provide a good selection and reasonable prices.

Why is a floor underlay necessary?
Buy a substrate for a parquet board, other types of coverage are required in any case - after all, it is she who will give the floor in the room the following advantages:

getting rid of the friction of the floor covering on the concrete floor. As a result, the material wears out less;
removing additional load from the locks between the boards, eliminating squeak by reducing friction at the joints;
slight correction of the unevenness of the main floor;
the substrate provides heat and sound insulation, and a number of substrate models also protect against moisture or water;
the underlay absorbs moisture from the underlying floor and prevents it from affecting the floor covering.
A smooth, well-prepared concrete floor and a properly selected substrate guarantee the durability of the floor covering, preserving its physical properties and appearance. These are the key rules to follow when renovating your floor.

Choosing a substrate for flooring
When choosing a substrate, you must first take into account the quality of the main floor, the level of humidity in the room and other nuances. Forming an assortment of substrates, we have provided types of materials for different characteristics of objects. It is important for you to know the functional purpose of the room. And you should also plan in advance such nuances as the installation of a "warm floor" - after all, for this system you need to choose the appropriate substrate.

Types of substrates
We offer many types of underlays for different floor coverings, including the most common options. "Quiet running" - a substrate from the Isoplat trademark. This is the core of our assortment. The material is environmentally friendly, airtight, natural composition. This eliminates the "greenhouse effect" under the flooring. The substrate is based on wood fiber needles. It is distinguished by elasticity, absorbs heat and noise well. The price of the substrate is affordable. Other substrate material options:

Expanded polystyrene.
Polyethylene foam.
Each material has its own properties and advantages, which need to be clarified directly during the selection. Are you looking for a quality underlay for your laminate, parquet board? Is it difficult for you to make a choice? Contact a representative of our store and get professional advice. We guarantee optimal prices, high quality of goods, fast service, convenient delivery of purchases in Kiev and Ukraine.