Cork is a natural material that is safe for the health of adults and children. Cork can be used in bathrooms, kitchens and other areas. Eco-material will appeal to those who care about the environment. Cutting trees is not required for the manufacture of cork, therefore the choice of coating does not harm nature.

Advantages of wall plugs

The finishing material is used to decorate interiors in eco-style. Wall covering, which can be bought in Kiev, is popular for several reasons. Natural materials allow you to take a break from the surrounding plastic and create a stylish design.

The main advantage of coatings is versatility. Plugs are suitable for finishing office spaces (study, kitchen) and living rooms (accent wall, bathroom). A variety of designs allows you to choose a coating for every taste and emphasize the character of the owner.

However, the benefits of wall plugs don't stop there. The coating acts as a heat and sound insulation layer: noisy neighbors will cease to bother you, and the house will be warm all year round. As for other features of the coating, the following should be highlighted:

maintaining an attractive appearance for a long time (slow aging);
a high level of moisture resistance (the material does not mold and does not deform);
unpretentious care (the wall can be washed with soapy water and other means);
the cork will not cause the appearance or development of allergies, since the material does not accumulate dust;
ability to regain shape after mechanical stress.
For additional protection of the cork on the wall, you can use a varnish coating, which will extend the service life.

Types of cork coverings and scope of use

The cork is suitable for decorating bathrooms, kitchens and living spaces. In order for the selected coating to please for a long time, it is necessary to determine the appropriate type of eco-material:

Cork rolls. The material is suitable for wall decoration in the bathroom and kitchen. The coating is resistant to moisture, does not absorb odors and grease. The cork does not burn, so its use in the kitchen is considered one of the safest options. The price of a wall plug (Kiev) is from UAH 380.
Cork wallpaper. The cork is suitable for decoration of residential and office premises where the humidity does not exceed the optimal level. The coating boasts a large selection of patterns, which allows you to create an unusual interior.
Cork slabs. The thickness of the material is up to 2 mm, so the wall covering is used to decorate bedrooms and nurseries. The cork retains heat and reduces noise, and requires no complicated maintenance. Wall covering price - from 570 hryvnia.
The universal material will be able to complement and decorate any interior, while saving on sound and heat insulation. The assortment, including more than 30 options, will delight you with a variety and affordable prices.