During the laying of parquet, many owners have the question of how best to lay the building material. One of the common options is a herringbone pattern. There are two widely used methods for laying parquet flooring - the French and Hungarian herringbone. Many of us are familiar with the Hungarian herringbone style: it can be seen in old apartment buildings. This type of laying of parquet flooring boards was widespread in Soviet times. It was often used in the interiors of concert halls, museums, theaters, etc.

Today, this type of installation is widely used during renovation and design work. This is due to the fact that the Hungarian Christmas tree looks much brighter and more dynamic. Perfect for large rooms, because in this case the texture of the drawing itself stands out well.

Using the Hungarian herringbone style has several advantages:

freedom of creativity for a designer;
a large selection of textures, colors and wood species of parquet boards;
the opportunity to emphasize the individuality and originality of the interior due to a wide variety of finishes.
In addition, the advantage of the Hungarian nesting is maximum precision. As a result, the owner of the house will receive a well-made and level floor that will last for more than a dozen years.

French parquet flooring: special features and perevaga

The French herringbone style has a refined and original look when laying parquet. Thanks to this, many manufacturers of building materials began to create ready-made parquet modules in this style. Unlike the Hungarian layout, as a result of which the parquet is laid perpendicularly, when using the French one, the elements are laid at an acute angle to each other. The appearance of the French layout resembles a military chevron.

Today, parquet flooring laid in this style is trendy, therefore it is often used in the interior.

The French Christmas tree style has a number of significant advantages:

reliability and durability of the coating due to the use of quality materials;
long service life, since the load on the surface during operation is evenly distributed;
the opportunity to buy a complete set of floor coverings;
a large assortment of colors for building materials.
The way of laying parquet with a French herringbone, which you can buy in the Woodler online store, has some peculiarities. It is important to take them into account during laying work. So that the coating will last more than one year, it is better to entrust the installation to specialists. To lay out flooring in this style, you can use ready-made dies of a suitable size. Artificial aging or toning of the planks is possible: this will add even more sophistication, originality and beauty to the interior.

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