Laminate is a durable and wear-resistant coating that can last for more than a dozen years, while maintaining its novelty and attractiveness. To keep the floor not only beautiful, but also clean, you need to properly wash it, polish it and, if necessary, restore it.

Cleaning and washing

Laminate flooring is very easy to maintain, however, it does not like high humidity and puddles of water. Therefore, cleaning must be performed strictly adhering to the following recommendations and rules:

Dry cleaning. This is the most important step in helping to get rid of small debris before wet cleaning. Dust and debris should be removed from the laminate with a soft brush so that it does not scratch the surface during washing. This condition is strictly necessary for glossy laminate flooring.
Cleaning the grooves. Some types of laminate so well and faithfully imitate a wooden board that they have characteristic connecting grooves. Although they are quite small and shallow, they collect debris. Therefore, it is better to clean such places by hand with a narrow soft brush before washing the floors.
Removing stains. It often happens that stains from natural or artificial colors, wine, coffee and others can remain on a light laminate. To do this, take a cotton swab, first prepare a solution of alcohol and water. Wipe the contaminated areas with a swab moistened with the solution. Then, after a minute, wipe the area dry. Repeat the procedure if necessary.
Wet cleaning. This will require a clean microfiber or any other soft cloth. Add a special floor cleaner to the water container. This will help get rid of plaque on the laminate and remove harmful bacteria. During wet cleaning, you should change the water as it gets dirty.
It is important to know that the laminate should be washed strictly along the boards. This will remove the maximum amount of dirt, there will be no streaks on the surface. Wipe the floor immediately after washing with a soft, clean and dry cloth.


Laminate is polished to form a protective film on the surface, eliminate the smallest defects and scratches. Plus, polishing extends the life of your flooring by a third!

The polishing procedure should be carried out at low operation 2 times a year, at high - 4 times a year. The polish should be chosen special for the laminate. The composition should not contain natural waxes, otherwise the surface will be in greasy spots and quickly get dirty.

The most effective polishes are available as sprays or foams. They should be applied to a soft cloth and rubbed thoroughly into the surface of each plank by hand. The result will be more persistent, although the process will take a long time. Some polishes can be dissolved in water. Such polishing will give a "light" effect and is very quick and effortless.

You can polish the laminate immediately after damp cleaning with a dry soft cloth! It is not recommended to walk on the polished floor for 10-30 minutes.