Features of the loan for goods:

  • Fixed interest rate for the entire loan term.
  • Full information about all percentages and commissions.
  • 14 days of the grace period, which allows you to return the loan within the specified period.
  • Commission for early repayment of the loan (full or partial) is not charged.

Lending currency: Hryvnia.

Credit amount : from 3000 before 50 000 hrn.

Loan terms : from 2 before 48 months.

Debt repayment schedule: monthly, in equal installments within.

Total loan term (annuity schedule.

Loan payment options:


  1. Age from 21 to 65 years old.
  2. The presence in the passport of a mark of valid registration.
  3. Permanent place of work (official or non-official).
  4. Other requirements, if they are provided for by the terms of a specific loan program.

Loan application documents:

To apply for a loan for goods, you just need to provide a minimum package of documents:

  1. Ukrainian passport;
  2. A certificate from the State Tax Inspectorate about the assignment of an individual tax number or the registration number of the taxpayer's registration card;
  3. Income documents (if provided by the terms of the loan program).