It's easy to get confused in the variety of floor coverings. One of the most favorite among buyers is modular parquet. This is a ready-made module with a drawing. Placing the modules on the floor creates a perfect and even image. The pattern of the module can be selected independently in the manufacturers' catalogs or by visiting the online store.

Modular parquet and its features
Any parquet is a floor material, which consists of thin boards made of natural wood. A modular coating is a material consisting of a substrate as well as a face layer. The latter is capable of imitating a complex pattern. Most often, such parquet is made from solid oak or walnut. Each element is square.

The main difference between a modular parquet and an ordinary "brother" is the presence of a ready-made pattern, assembled into blanks. The image can be made of wood of one or different species. Some may have inserts made of stone and other materials.

To buy a parquet board at the best price in Kiev will create a unique interior in the room. Modular parquet provides an opportunity to collect not only some monotonous drawing, but also to create a unique picture, giving an apartment or office its own flavor.

Advantages of modular parquet
Parquet modular board is becoming more and more popular among buyers. The secret of its success can be easily explained by its many benefits:

environmental friendliness and naturalness;
good heat retention rate;
high strength;
the possibility of grinding and varnishing;
durability (high-quality parquet will last more than 20 years);
a good indicator of impact resistance;
safe laying even in children's rooms;
do not make various sounds when walking;
rarely requires special repairs.
If you need to buy a parquet board at the best price in Kiev, you should pay attention to the modular version, since it is the most convenient to install. Installation is faster and easier. And thanks to the use of modern technologies, the flooring acquires high strength, reliability and resistance to external stimuli.

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