Linoleum against parquet. Which is better to choose
When choosing a floor covering, be it linoleum or parquet board, first of all, you need to choose the best option for specific operating conditions. Considering that a perfect coating simply does not exist, it is very important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of linoleum and parquet when choosing.

What is linoleum
This is an affordable coating that is made from a quality material called polyvinyl chloride. The composition of linoleum includes special substances that make it plastic and durable.

The coating can be commercial and household, but recently another category has appeared on the market - semi-commercial linoleum. PVC flooring has a wide color palette, but it is rarely chosen for an apartment.

What is parquet
This is a coating with a three-layer structure, which is made from different types of natural wood. The layers are arranged at right angles, which gives the parquet extra strength.

The covering is suitable for indoor installation. It not only has high environmental safety, but also looks very solid. The dimensions of the parquet greatly simplify the installation of the coating.

The advantages of linoleum
The PVC cover is easy to install. Continuous bonding to the floor is only necessary in large areas. In small rooms, point fixation can be used. Among the advantages of linoleum are the following:

a large selection of colors;
low thermal conductivity;
long service life.
Most importantly, linoleum does not create additional noise when walking and does not rot.

Disadvantages of natural linoleum
Listing the disadvantages of this type of flooring, it is worth noting the following:

low resistance to all kinds of damage;
sensitivity to temperature extremes;
laying is possible only on a perfectly flat base.
Many people think that linoleum looks cheap, so this coating can spoil the impression of the interior. In addition, linoleum can have a chemical odor that is not easy to get rid of.

Parquet advantages
A natural wood covering has a number of advantages in comparison with linoleum:

environmental Safety;
presentable appearance;
compatibility with different interior styles;
resistance to external factors;
dimensional stability;
excellent soundproofing qualities.
After the purchase, the parquet can be installed immediately, since the coating does not need additional processing. It can be dismantled at any time without loss of quality and appearance.

Cons of parquet
However, despite the large number of advantages, natural wood flooring has some disadvantages. Among them:

high sensitivity to moisture;
limited resistance to ultraviolet light;
high requirements for the preparation of the base.
In addition, the parquet floor cannot withstand strong mechanical loads. For example, from the legs or wheels of heavy furniture, sharp heels, noticeable damage can remain on the surface.

Features of caring for linoleum and parquet
The PVC coating is not afraid of household chemicals and water, but only on condition that you do not use aggressive detergents. But in case of damage to the linoleum, the whole canvas will have to be changed, which can severely hit the family budget.

Given the fact that parquet is afraid of moisture, it must be looked after with extreme care and thoroughness. But such a coating can be easily repaired. To do this, it is enough to replace the damaged or deformed strip, and the coating will look perfect again.

Which is better to choose
Each of the floor coverings reviewed has pros and cons. But when comparing, several nuances can be distinguished:

both floorings are easy to install, but parquet is much easier to restore than linoleum;
parquet is suitable for rooms with minimal traffic, and linoleum can be laid even in rooms with high traffic;
linoleum has a longer service life than parquet;
natural wood flooring is more environmentally friendly than PVC flooring.
For many consumers, the choice in favor of parquet or parquet board is obvious. A quality floor covering of this type can be purchased at the Woodler store. You can buy the highest quality types of floor coverings from us in Kiev and choose a design without leaving your home.