The functional terrace is a great place for summer parties and barbecues. Raised above ground level, the site, which is the basis of the terrace, can be open or with a roof, limited by a fence or without it at all. The terrace construction can be attached to the house or located separately, flat or multilevel.
Consider the most popular types of terraces and their arrangement. This will help determine if you have planned construction on a summer residence or at home.
Covered terrace: rest in the heat and in the cold.
The completely covered terrace is a structure with walls and a roof. It is often located as a separate building, but the option next to the house is also quite common. The closed design of such terrace allows not to consider weather whims: even rain will not prevent good rest.
One of the disadvantages of a closed area can be considered limited insolation. If you leave the window openings without glass, it will save from insufficient lighting and suffocation. But in such a solution there is another danger - the free access of insects. Mosquitoes and flies are not considered by mankind to be the most pleasant representatives of the animal world, because bites, infections and spoilage of products significantly impair the quality of life and negatively affect the level of comfort.
The way out of the situation will be the installation of mosquito nets or a sliding glass facade. Sliding panels will also protect the furniture from showers, fog and dew, which increase the level of humidity in the air. Excessive dampness can damage sofas, chairs and pillows.
Not very practical, but aesthetically attractive, the solution - the use of textile draperies and curtains. Of course, they will not protect you from the rain, but they will help to create a romantic mood and hide from the annoying eyes of too curious neighbors. An additional hassle will be the need for periodic washing, as fabric curtains accumulate dust and dirt.
Glazed terrace: space and light.
The compromise between the walls and the open area is the glazed terraces. Lots of light, the ability to admire the garden, the feeling of unlimited space - the significant advantages of this design. The only, but significant, disadvantage of such a terrace is the stuffiness on a sunny day.
But this problem is quite simply solved by the device of sliding or folding partitions. The number can vary from one to three. Alternately opening this or that wall, you will provide an inflow of fresh air.
Semi-open terrace: cozy corner.
Semi-open terraces without walls are usually limited in size. This is a great place to relax in good weather: fresh air and sunlight can easily penetrate into every corner. If you also make the roof of transparent materials (organic glass or polycarbonate), then in the evening you can watch the stars.
Textile curtains or curly plants can become a visual barrier from prying eyes. Before the storm, the furniture should be covered with waterproof covers or put in a protected room.
Another type of semi-open terrace - with walls, but without a roof. They are built in windy places or when it is quite crowded nearby. Stone, concrete, wood are used for the walls. As an option, you can arrange a lattice wrapped in decorative vines.
Outdoor terrace: practical and budget.
The budget option, does not demand considerable efforts for arrangement is an open terrace without a ceiling and walls. A well-equipped playground with a concrete floor is perfect for relaxing. It houses garden furniture, flower pots, umbrellas and other decorative accessories.
Alternatively, the floor can also be lined with wooden boards or gravel. Furniture for an open terrace is acceptable from metal or plastic, they do not spoil under the influence of weather factors. If you prefer wooden furniture, it must be treated with a special protective composition against rot. Do not forget to bring pillows and blankets into the house at night and before the rain.
A barbecue, barbecue or stove are often installed next to such a terrace. Outdoor areas are practically located near the pool. Sometimes they are arranged on the roofs of buildings.
There are many options to choose from. Live in comfort and have a pleasant rest.