Modern certified laminate is in no way inferior in its aesthetics and functionality to traditional parquet boards, but at the same time it has a more affordable cost. Today we will talk about the use of laminate, its use in the interior and the main features.

1. Classic - opt for a dark laminate imitating noble wood species (oak, elm, beech).
2. Modern - velvety textures of light color are suitable for this style, emphasizing the tenderness of the interior.
3. Scandinavian - Buy a snow-white laminate for an airy design. Combine it with the same light colored walls and furniture.
4. Country - the ideal style for country houses and cottages. For a rustic look, choose a natural pebble or wood look laminate flooring.
5. Loft - such an interior requires walls decorated with brickwork and a gray-concrete shade of laminate.
6. Vintage - the richness and luxury of antiquity will help to recreate a laminated board of aged and caramel colors.
7. Hi-tech - this modern style requires dark colors and laconicism. Buy flooring in a wenge shade or just black.

Pros of laminate

1. Variety of shades - this flooring is available in various colors from white to black. You can choose the right color for any interior.
2. Low price - compared to parquet, laminate is much cheaper. You can save up to 30% on repairs.
3. High aesthetics - the laminate skillfully imitates natural wood, at first glance it is difficult to distinguish it from high-quality parquet.
4. Easy installation - no special skills or special tools are required to install such a floor covering.
5. No additional treatment required - unlike natural wood, laminate flooring does not need to be coated with antiseptics and other impregnations to ensure a long service life.
Durability - a good laminate from trusted manufacturers will last at least 10 years without losing its appearance.

How to choose a laminate?

Give preference to trusted manufacturers - carefully study the reviews before buying. Ask the seller for quality certificates for the product. If he refuses to provide them, you should refuse to purchase. If you are purchasing laminate flooring for a hallway or a nursery, give preference to particularly durable options that are resistant to moisture and mechanical damage.

Useful Tips

1. To visually expand a small room, purchase a laminate of the lightest possible shades. Dark is suitable only for country houses and large apartments.
2. Use a cork backing when installing the floor covering - it will slightly insulate the floor and remove extraneous noise when walking on the laminate.
3. Be sure to study the rules for the care of the laminate: it requires delicate cleaning without the use of aggressive and abrasive detergents.