One of the most interesting design techniques is laminate wall decoration. This method is great for both residential and office premises. This is an excellent analogue of wood, which is too expensive. Laminate wall decoration is a budget option that is available to almost every buyer.

Advantages and disadvantages of laminate wall decoration
Increasingly, on the pages of magazines with fashionable interiors, you can find options for wall decoration with laminate. This material is slowly replacing more familiar wall materials: lining, MDF panels or conventional wall panels. This type of finishing works well for apartments and private houses.

The main advantages of fixing laminate to the wall include:

environmental friendliness of the coating - the laminate meets all safety requirements for use;
durability - the laminate will last for several decades;
a large selection of textures and colors allows you to choose the most successful option for each room;
the ability to install the coating with your own hands - you can save a decent amount without resorting to the help of professionals;
the possibility of good savings - if you purchase a 21-31 class laminate, you can save a lot on finishing. When decorating walls, it is not at all necessary to use a top-class coating.
But laying laminate flooring on walls has its drawbacks. One of them is the material's susceptibility to moisture. Also, the disadvantages include the high sensitivity of laminated panels to temperature fluctuations. Therefore, it is highly not recommended to sheathe kitchens, balconies, bathrooms, basements, closets and cellars with laminate.

Features of the choice of laminate panels
When choosing a laminate, it is necessary to take into account the intensity of the load during operation. Do not forget that pets can damage the surface of the wall with their claws, so in this case it is important to choose not the cheapest option.

The appearance of the coating is no less important. Laminate flooring should be beautiful and match the other decoration of the room. Thanks to the abundance of modern materials, each customer can choose the right color scheme and texture.

The way of mounting the cover on the wall is also important. In some cases, it is possible to attach laminate panels to a special crate. But you can also just glue the boards directly to the wall, but in this case it is imperative that the surface is as flat as possible.

Laying laminate on the wall: basic nuances and technology
At the very first stage, it is important to correctly calculate the amount of laminate. To do this, you need to multiply the height by the width of the room, and you will get the total area. But do not forget that it is necessary to add about 10% for trimming and cutting panels.

The next step is to prepare the surface of the walls. If you choose the adhesive method for fixing your laminate, you must prepare a dry, clean and even wall. If you decide to build a frame, you need to prepare slats with a width of 2-4 cm. They need to be installed in a perpendicular direction to the future location of the laminated panels.

Be sure to choose a starting point. It is best to start laying the laminate from above if you plan to sheathe only part or all of the surface. If you plan to install the cladding on the bottom of the wall, you need to start the cladding from the floor. Next comes the process of installing the laminate on the wall and skirting boards. After installation, wipe the coating with a slightly damp cloth.