Among all the natural and artificial floor coverings that are popular today, there is no material that does not have at least one, maybe a small, but drawback.
For example, natural stone is cold and unsafe.

Parquet or tongue-and-groove boards do not tolerate moisture well. In addition, when dry, wood products warp and crack, and also require periodic application of mastic or paints and varnishes.

Linoleum also deforms when wet. It is very easy to scratch it, the pattern wears out over time, the color changes.

Conventional laminates based on pressed paper or sawdust also do not tolerate excessive moisture. The paper or sawdust will absorb water and the material will deform. Even several layers of protective and decorative coatings do not save.

That is why well-known world manufacturers are constantly working on creating a perfect floor covering, from time to time supplying the building materials market with another fashionable novelty. One of them is PVC-based laminate.

This improved type of laminate is based on neither paper nor sawdust. Instead, a modern modification of PVC film is used, which is more durable and does not pose a threat to human health, as it was in the early stages of PVC production. Moreover, this polymer is allowed to be used as a material for food packaging by strict European standards.
But most of all, the properties of the polyvinylchloride base of the laminate to repel moisture are striking.

The material not only does not absorb water, it is not even wetted by it. Therefore, PVC-based laminate withstands wet cleaning without any problems and withstands emergency flooding without changing its texture and color.
The use of polyvinyl chloride as a base is undoubtedly a good find, but it turns out that half of the other positive qualities of this type of laminate are caused by its porous structure. It is the numerous pores that resemble miniature channels that provide this durable material with lightness, several times reduce the coefficient of thermal conductivity and noticeably absorb noise.

In addition, the laminate panels are very easy to install due to the "lock-in" edge structure. It is enough to provide a flat surface, and the solidity of the floor covering is guaranteed. More importantly, PVC-based laminate flooring can be dismantled and re-laid. This does not affect the quality of the floors.

And one more surprise: if you buy a laminate of this type, then, upon careful examination of the edges of the panels, you can find sealing layers made of polymer material, which has an order of magnitude better qualities than plain rubber. This is an additional level of protection for the floor covering from the damaging effects of moisture, as well as from dust and debris.

PVC-based laminate successfully tolerates more than just moisture. In terms of wear resistance, the material is classified as a commercial flooring material, that is, it is recommended for installation in institutions with a high intensity of use, for example, in cafes and supermarkets. Therefore, in an ordinary apartment, such a laminate will last for more than a decade.

The famous Belgian Aqua-Step panels are a prominent representative of PVC-based laminate, which have been confidently sold for more than one year in the European and domestic markets. The price of a laminate of this quality is quite justified and is compensated by many years of operation, and you can buy cheap laminate in our internet store.