Cork is a floor covering that is lightweight, resilient and durable. Due to its special structure, this material has exceptional characteristics. The structure of the plug is porous, filled with oxygen and nitrogen. One of its main advantages is moisture resistance.

Thanks to this structure, cork flooring takes on its original shape after minor impact. Other advantages include sound and heat insulation characteristics. Also among the advantages of cork flooring, which can be bought on the Woodler store website, are:

the material does not give in to decay;
the cork has antistatic properties, due to which the floor is not electrified and a large amount of dust does not accumulate on it;
cork material is immune to mold;
fire resistant.
A large selection of cork flooring, which can be bought in Ukraine, makes it possible to create a unique interior, a pleasant atmosphere of coziness and comfort in a house or apartment.

Cork coating: properties and characteristics

Due to its versatility, cork is superior to other materials used as wall or floor coverings. It is made from oak bark, thoroughly ground and processed in a special oven. After that, the material is pressed, reinforced with resin and wood dust. The features of the cork cover include its durability.

Despite the different advantages of the material, there is a certain nuance: cork floors in Kiev are much more expensive than parquet or laminate. Moreover, cork is an excellent material for interior decoration. Considering the high cost of such a coating, developments are underway to create an artificial analogue. However, they have not yet been crowned with success.

In most cases, cork is used as a floor covering, which is not surprising, because the material is very resistant to external and physical influences. Therefore, it has long been placed on a par with materials such as ceramic floor tiles and parquet boards.

It is quite easy to care for cork. It can be vacuumed and washed with detergents. However, avoid abrasive detergents. When washing, it is best to use a mop and a semi-damp cloth.

Where to buy cork wall and floor coverings

Cork flooring can be found in almost all hardware stores. It is important to pay attention to its cost: a very low price should alert you.

Woodler's website has a wide range of cork flooring and wall coverings. Here you can choose a suitable option both in terms of price, design and color scheme.

To place a purchase, just click on the material you like and send it to the "Cart". If you want to personally look at the coverage, we invite you to our stores located in Kiev and Odessa. Here you can take a closer look at the products and find the necessary product.

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