Engineered parquet boards are considered an excellent alternative to solid wood flooring. The multi-layered planks ensure long-term operation, the special design is resistant to room humidity, and variations in design solutions allow you to choose a canvas for any interior.

Design features

Floor coverings in this category are constructed from two or more layers of wood. The upper layer is made of valuable wood species that have undergone surface treatment with a special chemical composition. The thickness of this layer is inextricably linked with the durability of the coating (the highest indicator of quality products is considered to be the thickness of the front part of 7-8 mm). Subsequent layers are made from more affordable wood materials and plywood base, which significantly reduces the cost of the finished product.

Varieties of coatings

Engineering parquet boards are intended not only for high-quality floor covering, but also for unique interior decoration.

In the modern market of engineered parquet boards, the following stand out:

two-layer products;
three-layer products.
Boards of the first type are presented in the form of plywood layers glued together with a versatile direction of fibers. This constructive solution determines the super strength of the finished product. On top of the plywood base there is a layer of wood, the thickness of which varies from 4 to 8 mm.
Three-layer products are made by gluing three layers of wood. The upper layer is made of heavy-duty oak, the lower ones are of more common species.

Main advantages

Engineering parquet boards have a number of advantages:

resistance to temperature extremes;
the ability to adapt the size range of boards to the specific needs of the customer;
the possibility of application over the underfloor heating system;
environmental friendliness of the material and adhesives;
high stability during operation;
simplicity and variety of processing: wax, varnish, oil and others;
suitability of the coating for grinding, eliminating mechanical damage, design treatments;
affordable price category.
High-quality coating and correct installation guarantee the maximum similarity of engineered parquet boards to parquet massif.