When choosing a floor covering for an apartment or house, many are thinking which is better - a parquet board or laminate, and what to give more preference to in the end. Let's say right away that there is no definite answer to this question. However, we will help you figure it out by listing the properties and benefits of two types of coatings.

Features of parquet boards

Parquet board is a multi-layer material, often consisting of 3 layers. Moreover, the middle layer is located across the fibers of the lower and upper layers. This provides additional stability. The advantages of a parquet board:

Based on completely natural materials;
easy installation with a locking mechanism;
fairly simple care;
easy repairs when scratches and chips appear (local replacement of boards);
excellent appearance;
high thermal insulation properties;
service life - 30-35 years (taking into account possible resurfacing).
The disadvantages include high susceptibility to moisture, loss of color under the influence of solar radiation, low resistance to mechanical damage.

Laminate characteristics

After this point, it will become clearer which is better - parquet board or laminate. Laminate is a multilayer material containing wood and synthetic components in the base. In terms of environmental friendliness, it meets all European standards and can reach the environmental friendliness of a parquet board. Laminate advantages:

relatively low price;
elementary styling;
resistance to high temperatures;
resistance to fading, even in direct sunlight;
Normal response to changes in humidity and moderate spills
high wear resistance (especially for laminates of the 33rd and 34th classes).
Disadvantages of the material: low sound insulation (so you need to lay it with an additional insulating layer), fragile edges (or buy a beveled laminate). The coating cannot be restored.

What's the bottom line?

It remains to decide which is better - parquet board or laminate, and how to make the right choice. For this you need:

Focus on the purpose of the room. For rooms with high traffic (for example, hallways), you definitely need to choose a laminate. For a living room with a luxurious interior, parquet is suitable.
Compare thermal conductivity. Parquet in this case is beyond competition.
Assess the average temperature and humidity. Parquet board is sensitive to these indicators.
Parquet board is better in appearance, however, laminate has a wider selection of textures, colors and surface imitations. The parquet is warm and antistatic, but the laminate does not scratch from animal claws or sag under furniture. A parquet board requires careful, specialized care. It is easier to care for the laminate - the main thing is not to flood with water. However, the service life of parquet is from 30 years, and even the best laminate will not withstand more than 20-25. In general, there is no unequivocal answer - it is worth choosing based on the listed characteristics, weighing all the arguments for a particular situation.