When it comes to flooring, often we all have doubts about our choice. It is important that the floor is durable, reliable and has a beautiful appearance. The best option in this case may be a laminate or parquet board. But here another question arises: which is better to choose? To understand, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the main advantages and disadvantages of these two types of flooring.

Laminate: main advantages and disadvantages

Laminate is considered to be one of the most popular floor coverings. The secret of its success lies in a number of its advantages, among which it is worth noting:

environmental friendliness of production - wood chips are used for the manufacture of laminate, and, therefore, forests suffer less;
excellent moisture resistance;
the laminate does not rot;
excellent wear resistance - the coating is not afraid of shocks and scratches;
no need for special care - sanding and varnishing are not required for the coating;
the possibility of wet cleaning and the use of various cleaning agents;
variety of designs and colors;
high resistance to the negative effects of ultraviolet rays.
But, like any other material, laminate has its own characteristics. These include the impossibility of repairing damage if a scratch occurs on the coating surface. In addition, if you chose a laminate below the 31st class, you will have to change the coating again in a couple of years.

Laying laminate flooring is easy enough. Both a professional master and a beginner can cope with this. No additional tools and materials are required for laying the flooring - provided that the floor is pre-leveled and free from imperfections.

Features of parquet boards

Parquet board is a fairly expensive option for flooring, which is of high quality in terms of service life. Such material has a large number of advantages, which include:

naturalness and environmental friendliness of production;
high strength;
elegant appearance;
excellent soundproofing qualities;
the coating does not attract dust;
the possibility of multiple grinding and restoration of the coating;
durability - the parquet board will last at least 10 years;
ease of laying the coating.
Of course, parquet has its drawbacks. This type of coating is absolutely not suitable for rooms with high humidity (kitchen / bathroom), since the material does not tolerate moisture. Another drawback is the fairly fast abrasion of the parquet varnish, the layer of which can be renewed, but this will require additional time and financial investments. It is important to ensure that the correct indoor climate is maintained in order for the parquet board to serve you for a long period of time.

Laminate or parquet - the difficulty of choosing

Laminate and parquet are practical, durable and stylish floor coverings. They are quite in demand in the modern market of finishing materials. It is impossible to say unequivocally that one coating is better than another. Since each of the materials has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

When choosing a coating, you should rationally weigh all the pros and cons. For example, if naturalness and noble appearance of the material are more important to you, you should opt for a parquet board. If the priority is the long service life of the flooring, buying at an affordable price and operating without any additional investment, it is much better to purchase a laminate.