When choosing a floor covering, many are trying to solve the dilemma of which is better - laminate or linoleum, and which type of material to choose. We will try to help you understand and give objective data about each coverage. Considering that the laminate is half synthetic, we will compare it with homogeneous linoleum.

Linoleum: pros and cons

The solution to the question of which is better - laminate or linoleum, let's start with semi-commercial linoleum - the best option for domestic premises, as well as offices and other objects with average traffic. Material advantages:

affordable price;
a sufficient selection of colors and patterns;
very simple styling;
comfortable temperature;
moisture resistance;
good sound insulation;
service life - about 30 years.
There are also disadvantages: dents are formed on the linoleum from the legs of the furniture (no matter how you protect them), the material can crack under the influence of high temperature. The appearance of the coating is "cheap" - with the exception of expensive modern options that imitate the texture of natural materials.

Laminate: pros and cons

You can decide which is better - laminate or linoleum, having considered all the qualities of a multi-layer modern laminate. Its advantages:

affordable price (especially compared to tiles and parquet);
the best imitation of a natural wood floor - realistic and striking with a variety of textures;
installation using special locks is very fast, convenient, accessible to almost every skilled craftsman.
There are also disadvantages: a high probability of damage when a sharp object falls onto the surface, deformation with prolonged exposure to moisture.

Briefly: the laminate is not afraid of furniture legs and animal claws, but requires special care (slightly damp cleaning and active cleaning of seams). It looks great, but its installation is somewhat more difficult than laying linoleum. Linoleum is warmer, but prone to deformation. He is not afraid of moisture, does not require special care, but loses in external qualities. The price of both types of quality materials is almost equal.

So which is better: which is better than laminate or linoleum? Laminate will be the best option for the living room, bedroom, nursery and hallway. These are the simple but objective conclusions.