Is it safe to use linoleum in living quarters
Linoleum is one of the most popular types of flooring. For a long time it was believed that it is highly toxic, therefore it is suitable only for technological premises, and it is better to buy a laminate for living rooms.

Thanks to the efforts of manufacturers, many types of coatings have recently appeared on the market that are suitable for installation in domestic premises. But the question of the safety of using linoleum in living rooms is still of interest to buyers.

Is commercial linoleum harmful to health?
The coating is made of polyvinyl chloride. It is a 3 mm thick single-layer sheet. Typically, commercial linoleum has characteristics such as:

discreet design;
increased wear resistance;
ease of care.
But due to the presence of stabilizers and plasticizers in the composition, it cannot be used for an apartment. The situation is similar with pigments, which, under the influence of various factors, release volatile substances that lead to allergies.

Household linoleum and its features
Household linoleum is a less technologically advanced type of flooring that is suitable for living spaces. It has several advantages:

produced in rolls of different sizes;
has a rich color palette;
possesses high thermal insulation qualities.
Household coating has such advantages as lower price, inertness to temperatures, moisture resistance. Like the commercial one, it has a protective layer, but less thick (0.3 mm). Therefore, the household coating absorbs sound worse and has a shorter service life (no more than 5-6 years).

Homogeneous and heterogeneous linoleum: differences
Homogeneous linoleum has a solid structure. The pattern or decoration on the surface extends throughout the entire thickness. Therefore, the coating is characterized by high wear resistance, the ability to maintain attractiveness for a long time.

Heterogeneous multilayer linoleum. It consists of a solid base, a reinforcing mesh, a patterned layer and a special protective film. To give the coating a relief, metal dust, plastic granules can be used.

What linoleum can be in a nursery
When choosing a floor covering for a nursery, it is important to pay special attention to its safety. The most environmentally friendly coating is natural linoleum, which contains linseed oil. It has antistatic and bactericidal properties, but is expensive.

As an analogue, you can use insulated linoleum, which has a felt or jute base. Usually, such a coating is made out in bright colors, which will certainly please the baby.

What is more harmful than linoleum or laminate
Linoleum provides good thermal insulation, but it is only safe at room temperatures. Therefore, if you plan on installing underfloor heating, it is better to give preference to laminate.

When choosing linoleum as a floor covering, keep in mind that it emits toxic gases when it burns. Laminate does not support combustion at all. Certified fiberboard flooring is available from Woodler. We have a large selection of products from global manufacturers.

How can you remove the smell of linoleum
Before laying the coating, you need to lie down for 2-3 days in a well-ventilated area. You can also get rid of the unpleasant odor with regular wax candles, which will help burn off chemical particles flying in the air.

You can try rinsing the surface with a water-vinegar solution, paying particular attention to the cut points. A small amount of acetic acid will not damage the finish, but it will help eliminate odor.

What to do if the smell persists
Most often, a pronounced chemical odor indicates a poor coating quality. Such flooring is usually manufactured using hazardous plasticizers and other low quality materials that can release toxins that can cause serious health damage.

It is better to discard low quality coatings immediately in favor of safer products. On our website, you can buy a certified laminate in Kiev and even choose a decor without leaving your home.