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Floor coverings in Woodler store
Our flooring store offers its customers quality products at affordable prices. We have a wide range of floors and everything you need to install them. The attention of buyers is provided:

  • laminate;
  • parquet board;
  • massive board;
  • vinyl floors;
  • cork floor;
  • terrace board.

You can also find on our website such auxiliary categories as:

  • glue;
  • skirting boards;
  • substrate.

Floor covering is the most important component in home renovation. Therefore, it is very important to devote more time to it. Laminate is the most affordable material in terms of price and quality. Ease of installation and excellent appearance also contribute to the popularity of the material. Due to its design features, this type of floor can imitate both wood and marble patterns.

Parquet board
Parquet flooring for an apartment has a noble and stylish look. The wood structure in the interior has become the most popular due to its environmental qualities, as well as the spread of popularity of Scandinavian-style or French Provence style interior design.

Solid board
It is quite expensive to buy solid wood flooring, but this type of flooring will last for many years. Many people confuse it with parquet, but this is a big mistake. The solid wood is dried using a special technology and is a whole board, while the parquet has a three-layer structure. Such floors have good thermal insulation, elasticity and allow the floor to breathe. Due to its density, such a floor can withstand even heavy metal structures.

Vinyl floors
This type of material has long gained popularity due to its quality and variety of color options. The PVC cover is low maintenance and has good water resistance. This material is well suited for kitchens or bathrooms where there is a risk of water spillage. You can buy flooring in Ukraine on the website of the Woodler store.

Cork floors
Today it is the most environmentally friendly flooring option. This type of coating is very lightweight and easy to install. Also, the material acts as heat and sound insulation. It is possible to create a top coat imitating wood or other surfaces. The prices for such a floor will pleasantly surprise buyers.

Terrace board
This is a great option for a private home. If you are planning to add a terrace or lay the floor in the gazebo, then this is your option. Also, with the help of such a board, you can decorate a pool or mount a flooring for a vacation or a summer kitchen. This coating has a very beautiful appearance and also has good durability.

Additional materials for installation
No floor installation is complete without a backing, baseboards and glue. A large selection of materials will allow you to choose the necessary goods for repair.

The underlay for floors is available in thicknesses from 4 to 7.4 mm. This material will provide additional sound insulation and allow the floor to last longer.

Skirting boards of different thicknesses and colors make it possible to choose the texture of the coating. There are also external and internal corners available. The skirting board material is varied. You can find items made of plastic, wood and other raw materials of your choice.

Woodler - flooring shop, Kiev, vul. Bulakhovsky 2, Agromat shopping center. There you can choose a coating for every taste, as well as arrange free shipping. Payment is made directly in the store, upon delivery to the driver or by bank transfer. If consultation is needed, managers will provide qualified assistance in the selection of material and the required volumes.